The End Chronicles represents several works that are my earliest journeys into making comics. The stories revolve around a small group of teens with odd super powers, but at the time that it was conceived, a comic book about super powers without costumes was unheard-of. "Dar-X" would be the latest and last beforte I moved on to humor webcomics, and while the work is dated, it's still the one I'm most proud of today. (And yes, I did write it way before I saw "Fight Club.") I have an extensive bible and timeline for the series, so what you see here is really just a glimpse of small parts of the whole. Maybe someday I'll dive back into The End and give another glimpse. - Dana
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Originally drawn in the early 2000's as my first real attempt at comics online, these panels were intentionally drawn quickly, often before work or in the woods. Different art styles and web effects such as mouseovers were used throughout. It was an experiment of a new process as I learned to use the new computer resources that became available to me. The lettering and writing was cleaned up in 2009. - Dana
Sequel to "The End."

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Originally drawn in the 90's, there were about 30 pages of this first issue that are still in various stages of completion. It was intended as a re-boot of "The End" for publication, which in those days would have cost me about $1000 to have printed. Only the first 8 or so pages made it to minicomic format, but the completed pages can be read above. - Dana
The End (Original Series)

Currently archived, this was my first serious attempt at comics, ever. About 60 pages were drawn throughout the 90's as I learned the craft. It existed in various self-published minicomics formats. It was a very exciting time, but like most of these old projects, they took so long that they were never finished. When you improve your craft, when new technologies and standards come about, sometimes you just move on. Some of the earlier pages were completely re-scripted and re-lettered, and some have been colored. Whether these ever see the light of day again is unknown. - Dana